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Coaching, Bewältigung Ihrer Krisen, Konflikte, Herausforderungen


Josef W. Kirchhartz LebensScoutJosef W. Kirchhartz ImPulsGeber: „As an imPulse generator and a coach I like to accompany people, groups and companies to their individual success“

You are my counterpart, mainly as a human being, as a partner, customer and client.
You are the expert in your domain, skilful. I am the expert for the way to the solutions.
The result will be a cooperation, while i will be supporting you on your way to your target.
In this spirit i am working with the people, who attend coaching, seminars, trainings and workshops.
Consulting and supporting you in a target-oriented and efficient way while handling challenges
and problems, knowing that this represents the key to our ressources.
I am an expert for the way to the solution, because i have won an innovative background of
life experience and substantiated competences through various breakings, crises and changes
in my life as well as with a wide ranging professional background.
With this horizontally and vertically linked experience i am able to perceive different perspectives
allowing me to react to many of my customers‘ problems both in the private and the
professional area.
Many of my customers like my direct, analytical, solution-oriented and emphatic style. If
you feel that this resonates with you, i would be pleased to get to know you. Please just call me:
+49 (0) 2131.779232
Josef W. Kirchhartz

Developing “healthy“ people, groups and companies.
Healthiness in the physical, mental-emotional,
ecological as well as in the economical sense is my
consulting approach